Tuesday, 24 July 2007


Due to unforseen circumstances, Teresa Mcfayden will not be coming to Scrap Trap.
But fear not.
We have this covered and also have reviewed the cover of this announcement by reducing the cost of the day to £75.
We will still provide 4 classes, one make and take, lunch, supper and 4 hours cropping with prizes every 15 minutes at the crop. One lucky person will win her day for free on the day and 5 lucky ticket holders will win a Teresa Mcfayden book.
We still aim to deliver you with a day to remember!

What are you waiting for... tickets are being snapped up as I type!

Sunday, 17 June 2007

So here is the scoop

First off - we have landed a mega sponsorship allocation which means we are passing the savings on to you!!! We have reduced the price of the venue to £99.99. Cool huh? If you have paid the full amount we will refund you this week.

Secondly anyone who books to come to our venue between now and the end of July will be eligible to win one of Teresa Mcfaydens new books which I have bought 5 copies of (current ticket holders will be entered into the draw too!)

Thirdly will be bringing to you some sneaks of the classes in September. Hold onto your drawers for that ladies!

And finally I wanted to address the speed scrapping issue again. Learning from the feedback we have already we have decided to drop this notion as its scaring the pants off you (and me!!!). So we have decided to run normal paced classes in the same time frame to the day. You are accustomed to Jane Dean's amazing standard of artwork but do please visit both Maria Grace and Teresa's blogs to get in tune with what to expect.

Look out for our blog updates which we will run twice weekly so we can keep your appetitie well and truly whetted (is that even a word?!!).

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Exciting News

On sunday I have some very exciting news regarding this event.
Gather up with your cocoa on sunday night and await with glee.

Meanwhile, check out teresa news on her book release here

Its all good xx

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Payment details

As announced on UKS, the cost of this one day spectacular is £115. This includes 4 superb classes, lunch, fish and chip supper, a make and take, tea/coffee/cakes, 4 hours cropping, spot prizes every 15 minutes, games with more prizes and a whole lotta fun.
£30 non-refundable deposits are being taken after registration at this address here. Then we are making efforts for you to pay monthly to help spread the cost. £30 will be due at the end of July and then £39.99 at the end of August. .
As a star prize we will be refunding one lucky student on the night the entire face value of the ticket!!! So one lucky girl is going to get a fantastic day although she wont know it until the end of the day!
Additonally, I think its fair to point out that the classes being taught here by our US teachers are not going to be the same as the ones they are teaching at Scrap Camp. So these classes will be exclusive for the North West, you lucky girls.
The shops featuring at this event will be Mod Scraps (you got a whole load of stuff going on here), Scrap Fairies (think paper flowers, think chipboard on tap) and Little Silver Hat (a dedicated ribbon shop - yum).
The auditorium is a huge space set in front of a stage where our teachers will stand and demonstrate the class. But fear not!! For those further away from the front will be able to view a live feed video screen showing the action as it happens. Plus we have table runners per row of students to show you the project close up - nobody misses a thing.
Teaching 108 people is not necessarily a hard task. I have, myself, taught at event with 50 students per room (generally a tight squeeze and on the same level as the teacher) But as we have a stage and screen its going to be accessible for everyone - you have no worries on that score.
WE WANT YOU TO GO HOME WITH 4 FINISHED PROJECTS. I attend so many events where scrappers go home with half finished layouts and stay in thier baggies forever. I know this. Im one of them! Whatever you can create in addition to that in the cropping time will be a bonus too and prizes awarded to those who can complete a layout to a challenge specification!
This event has been designed to give the North Westers a complete and utter fabulous day and one certianly to remember. So come on over - everyone is welcome.

Teachers Bios

So you want to meet our illustrious US teachers? The wonders of scrapping who wish to impart wisdom and capture your imagination?. Grab a coffee/tea/coke/water/juice whatever. Enjoy.

Heya! My name is Maria Grace Abuzman and I'm simply excited to be teaching this year at Scrap Trap/Scrap Camp. I've been scrapbooking for over three years now and absolutely love this hobby. I currently serve as a design team member for FontWerks, Hambly Studios, Li'l Davis Designs, and as a Garden Girl for twopeasinabucket.com. You can find my work in publications for Creating Keepsakes, Better Home and Garden's Scrapbook, Etc., and as a contributing designer to 52 Scrapbooking Challenges (Creating Keepsakes), Decorate Life: Scrapbooks (Making Memories), and The Look Book (Autumn Leaves) books. My style is what I like to call pretty messy - I like to take pretty things and mess them up just a bit to make them more interesting.
Currently, I live in the San Francisco area of California, enjoying the weather, my family and friends, and my life. You can always find me with my nose in a book or on the phone with a friend. I live by sushi and always cry at cheesy '80's teen flicks. I'm exactly 5 ft. tall, but tell everyone that I'm 5' and a half.
I can't wait to come over to teach! And I hope to make my classes their most enjoyable and exciting just for all of you.
See you all soon!

Teresa believes in sharing her passions, be it a passion for paper arts, family photos and scrapbooking, or telling life stories.
She first established her niche in the paper industry hosting a TV Show, Stamping and Scrapping with Teresa McFayden. After the shows 18 month streak, she ventured into designing for craft manufacturers in the scrapbooking industry. Fulfilling a life long dream of owning her own line, she founded Foof a La, a paper arts company. After selling her paper arts wares for three years, she sold the Company to Autumn Leaves and continued to design the line. Presently, Teresa produces unique Paper Arts Kits and artwork for Paper Bella, her latest venture. She also does freelance design work for manufactures in the paper arts industry. Her work has been featured in several magazines over the years, such as Creating Keepsakes, Making Memories, Somerset Studio, and Scrapbook Answers. Her artwork has also been featured in The Look Book and The Foof a Life (Autumn Leaves).
Teresa lives in the heartland of America, Omaha, Nebraska with her husband and three children.
Check out our teachers blogs on the right hand panel.

Saturday, 19 May 2007

So you want a day to remember?

Well you came to the right place. You really did. Scrap Trap Sept 29th 07 is a retreat like no other. Its a one day extravaganza for busy girls who want to squander 12 crazy hours in an auditorium with 108 fellow scrappers pacing themselves to the absolute limit. You wanna speed scrap, right?

Complete 4 majorly intrsucted classes in a 12 hour day and tie in with that fab treats, lunch, fish and chip supper, 4 hours cropping, competitions, spot prizes, 3 shops, fun (this will be fun!) and a quality make and take. You want it all? You got it all!

You got Maria Grace Abuzman, Teresa McFayden, Jane Dean and Kirsty Wiseman (bios coming shortly - check out blogs to the right here)). Thats a whole set of 4 scrapping styles to take you to your creative limit. 4 full projects created in one hour each. 4 fantastic completed layouts you ask? YOU BET! To top it all we have a a UK CK HM (united kingdom creating keepsakes honourable mention) make and take teacher - Hebe Ambler!

We can't wait to meet you - all 108 of you. But don't worry about that you wont be able to see whats going on. No, dont you worry at all. We have live video feed on a large screen and table runners on each row of students with a close up of the project at hand. Volunteers who are scrappers who can accomodate your queries as the speed scrap class is in motion. In sum - this event is not for the fainthearted crafter! Full on scrapping never looked so dazzling.

In conjunction with Scrap Camp, Mandy Parr and I know what scrappers want and we aim to deliver. Mandy's event is being leld in Bristol the week after this event in Liverpool. You choose North or you choose South, we got it covered!

If you have any queries WHATSOEVER, please direct them to this address here.