Saturday, 19 May 2007

So you want a day to remember?

Well you came to the right place. You really did. Scrap Trap Sept 29th 07 is a retreat like no other. Its a one day extravaganza for busy girls who want to squander 12 crazy hours in an auditorium with 108 fellow scrappers pacing themselves to the absolute limit. You wanna speed scrap, right?

Complete 4 majorly intrsucted classes in a 12 hour day and tie in with that fab treats, lunch, fish and chip supper, 4 hours cropping, competitions, spot prizes, 3 shops, fun (this will be fun!) and a quality make and take. You want it all? You got it all!

You got Maria Grace Abuzman, Teresa McFayden, Jane Dean and Kirsty Wiseman (bios coming shortly - check out blogs to the right here)). Thats a whole set of 4 scrapping styles to take you to your creative limit. 4 full projects created in one hour each. 4 fantastic completed layouts you ask? YOU BET! To top it all we have a a UK CK HM (united kingdom creating keepsakes honourable mention) make and take teacher - Hebe Ambler!

We can't wait to meet you - all 108 of you. But don't worry about that you wont be able to see whats going on. No, dont you worry at all. We have live video feed on a large screen and table runners on each row of students with a close up of the project at hand. Volunteers who are scrappers who can accomodate your queries as the speed scrap class is in motion. In sum - this event is not for the fainthearted crafter! Full on scrapping never looked so dazzling.

In conjunction with Scrap Camp, Mandy Parr and I know what scrappers want and we aim to deliver. Mandy's event is being leld in Bristol the week after this event in Liverpool. You choose North or you choose South, we got it covered!

If you have any queries WHATSOEVER, please direct them to this address here.


SuzyB said...

Oh wow, how cool is this???

Selena said...


please can you send me full details, prices etc.

best selena

Paula said...

Cool and dazzling! Have fun girls! It looks wonderful. :)